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The furor over rising Medicare Part B costs

Premiums and deductibles were projected to spike by 52 percent for 2016; ultimately increased by 16 percent, but only for some enrollee EDIT, November 20, 2016: The COLA for 2017 is only 0.3 percent, so the problem described in this article presented itself again for 2017, although not as dramatically. The 2017 COLA does allow […]

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End of SHIP would leave beneficiaries lost at sea

If Congress reduces or eliminates funding for SHIP, millions stand to lose free, unbiased counseling about Medicare coverage option Each day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. To make sense of the dizzying array of plan choices, millions rely on a nationwide federal program that provides free, unbiased insurance counseling and information […]

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